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Cellophane packaging machines for professional use - you will find the wrapping machine for your product.

See which applications and uses our machines can be used for and help you wrap your products.

The product line “Speedstar”, from ADR AG, is particularly suitable for small manufacturers and production plants, which produce relatively small quantities and still want to pack professionally. Application areas of the Speedstar cellophane:

Rapidly wrap PlayStation and Xbox Games as well as PC Video Games Games packaging securely packagedPlayStation and X-Box Games as well as PC-Games etc. are often packaged in DVD-Boxes or carton boxes. Packed in cellophane, the products and goods are protected from moisture. The packaging film also protects against premature and unintentional opening of the actual product

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Rapidly wrap Jewellery and protect it for your customers Jewellery packaging securely packagedJewellery packaging or giftboxes are protected against dirt and damage by a cellophane wrapping.Our wrapping machines are easy to use, we will guide you on setting them up and using them. After you get started, you will find that you can wrap your products to

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Rapidly wrap CD, DVD, Blu-ray Media CD, DVD, Blu-ray Media cellophane wrappingADR AG has decades of experience in CD and DVD production, from self-made automatic copying systems to packaging machines. In addition jewel cases and DVD boxes for films or, for example, PlayStation games and software. Our Speedstar cello-wrappers are made for small businesses especially.Our wrapping

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Rapidly wrap Cosmetics, Perfume, Make-up Cosmetic packaging wrapped securely with cellophanePackaging for cosmetics – crucibles, cans, bottles or flacon, are usually packaged in cardboard boxes and wrapped with cellophane film; And for good reasons. These include, for example, the protection of the paper packaging from moisture and moisture, as well as the protection against unauthorized opening

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Rapidly wrap Soap and other perishables using our cellophane film wrapping machines With the cellophane coating, freshness and fragrance are preserved. The soap is also preserved – it does not dry out with the right packaging of cellophane so quickly. Moisture from outside are also kept away from the cellophane. Label stickers can be applied optimally

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Rapidly wrap: Food packaging to maintain freshness Food packaged optimallyThe cello wrappers can also be used optimally in the food sector. Example Praline Box – In addition to practical reasons such as the protection against unintentional opening and the preservation of the freshness of the chocolates, the cellophane is also used to increase the anticipation of

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ADR Cellophane wrapping machines can be used for a huge range of applications. If your product has flat sides then you can wrap it and protect it for shipping and sales. You product will arrive in the customer's possession in pristine condition bringing joy and satisfaction.

If your product isn't one of the applications above, get in contact and we'll explain which of our wrapping machines will be best to protect it today.

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