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ADR-Industrial Machines are simple to lease or to finance

You always want your business to be up-to-date and you can with GRENKELEASING

What is my advantage of leasing?

To keep up with competition a further development and investment is a must.

GRENKELEASING  shows you how to stay in track

The solution is to lease and not buy.

  • Favorable conditions to very low rates.
  • You save taxes, and the leasing rates are a 100% deductible from your income taxes.
  • You can save liquidity and independence.
  • Your equity can be conserved; your margin of credit with your bank is upheld.
  • You can assume a larger extent of your investments and hold a head start to your competitors.
  • Thanks to a constant rate and a specified time-range,  you have a long-term calculation.
  • Leasing-costs and income-proceeds run parallel – this makes it easy to plan and control.
  • We are known for our fast and uncomplicated processing.
  • We offer the highest degree of flexibility, for instance; during the duration of the policy, you can exchange your device.

Our products will convince immediately:


Technically you always want to be up-to-date? Then use the possibility to replace for higher grade devices, during the run time of your lease. The rates won’t go up if you stay within the range of your contract value.

Benefit: Competitive capacity by means of innovation.


You want to emphasize the importance of flexibility and the ideal case would be to lease with 0% interest rates? Then you would be in good hands with Flexplus-Leasing:

Monthly instalment = Purchase price : duration time

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