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Speedstar Pro

Perfect cellophane wrapping for CD, DVD, Blu-ray

Semi-automatic cellophane wrapper

Using the Speedstar Pro Cello wrapper you get a perfect cellophaning comparable to industrial production.

We would like to show you a sample! Just send us some of your Katon packaging and we will send it back to you!

You will see that the Speedstar cellophane wrapper is in no way inferior to the big industrial cellophane machines in terms of quality. And that at a fraction of the purchase price of an industrial folding machine.

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Heat Seal Overwrappers

Available in 2 variants

  • Speedstar 1 models: foil width of up to 215 mm
  • Speedstar 2 models: foil width of up to 500 mm

Perfect quality seams just like in industrial production.

We’ll gladly send you some samples with your own packaging.
Send us a few of your product boxes and we’ll mail them back to you neatly wrapped in cellophane.

speedstar pro industrial cellophane wrapper

Please contact us for a sample of your products packaged with the Speedstar Pro!

Speedstar Pro cellophaner

The Speedstar series of manual cellophane wrapping machines allow users to neatly seal up to 300 product packages an hour at a fraction of the cost of similar solutions. Based on the Speedstar 1 the Speedstar Pro was designed to make the packaging of the media even easier via a semi-automatic feeder. Easily laminate product cartons, CD Jewel Cases, DVD / Blu-ray Disc Amaray type cases or any flat object to give your products a retail-ready finish sure to look impressive on any store shelf.

Watch the demo video below and judge for yourself! After a short introduction any employee can laminate up to 300 packages per hour with the Speedstar Pro.

The benefits of using the Speedstar:

Saves time and money

In addition to the favorable investment and service costs, the special advantages include the short training period of the employees.

Fast and precise

After a very short training period, an employee can use the Speedstar 1 to pack up to 300 packages per hour in high-quality foil.

Flexible format setting

Film width of up to 215mm or 500mm, within this maximum width you can determine the required width yourself. Uses polypropylene roles.

See how easy it works

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Application areas:


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Buy online now

Order the Speedstar Cello Wrapper easily and conveniently online!

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