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Speedstar Speedwrapper

Perfect cellophane wrapping

Automatic Universal Cellowrapper

The Speedwrapper is a fully automatic table top unit designed to overwrap boxes and square products.

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Multi-Format Cellophane Overwrapper for flat products with throughput up to 1200 pieces per hour

Easy to use

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The Speedwrapper simply needs a power socket and a roll of wrapping sheet to start wrapping cases. Users place the products in the input tray and press the start button. Once operating, the unit can wrap up to 1200 pieces per hour. Switching your Speedwrapper from one format into another takes only a few adjustments and can be done in a fraction of the time taken by other wrapping machines.

Optional Stacker can be used to collect and stack your wrapped products neatly.

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Advanced technology

The ADR Speedwrapper allow the user maximum control with sealing temperature being electronically controlled and adjustable. For safety, the unit will stop automatically in the unlikely event of a jam. This protects the user and allows them to efficiently proceed with wrapping discs with the minimum of trouble.

The Speedwrapper gives a wrapping finish equal to that found in any retail outlet.
Whilst shrink wrapping can leave cases with rough, unsightly seams, the speed wrapper provides a neatly folded and sealed package.

Please send us your product samples. We adapt the device to your product size and make a video for you.

The result is much better than the unclean packing with shrink tunnels that deliver unclean edges and can damage the box.

The benefits of using the Speedstar:

Saves time and money

In addition to the favorable investment and service costs, the special advantages include the short training period of the employees.

Fast and precise

After a very short training period, an employee can use the Speedstar 1 to pack up to 300 packages per hour in high-quality foil.

Flexible format setting

Film width of up to 215mm or 500mm, within this maximum width you can determine the required width yourself. Uses polypropylene roles.

See how easy it works

Setup Video

Application video

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Application areas:

protective wrap for food packages


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Buy online now

Order the Speedstar Cello Wrapper easily and conveniently online!

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