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The ADR Cellophane Overwrapping Machine

The ADR EZ Wrapper is the smallest overwrapper on
the market. The unit is easy for everybody to operate.

ADR AG – Advanced Digital Research – Cello Wrapper Packaging Machines:

The presentation of products is crucial and makes the difference that makes the difference to your purchase. That's why it's really important to pay attention to professional packaging. In our shop you will find excellent cellophane wrappers / cellophane wrappers for manual as well as automatic packaging.

EZ Wrapper

Manual Overwrapper

cellophane overwrapping machine

Speedstar 1

Manual Overwrapper

professional cellophane overwrapping machine

Speedstar 2

Fast and precise

industrial cellophane overwrapping machine

automatic cellophane overwrapping machine


Automatic & Universal

ADR Speedstar cellophaner | Manual and Semi Automatic Overwrappers

  • Favorable investment and service costs

Compare the prices of the ADR Speedstar cellophane wrapping machine with other solutions in the market and you will notice the huge difference in cost. In addition, you must not use pre-cut films at the Speed Star appliances but can pack directly from the industrially produced polypropylenes roles. Thus the cellophane wrapped per medium costs only a fraction. This will save you at any Packaged Product . You can count on film costs about 1 cent per package.

  • Saves time and money

Save time and money with the cellophaner of the Speedstar series. Based on the Speed Star 1 has the SpeedstarPro that shapes the film laminating the cardboard more easily via a semi-automatic feeder.
Watch the video and judge for yourself after a short training period, an employee creates with the Speed Star 1 light up to 300 packages per hour.

  • Fast and precise

With practice provides your users with ease 300 pcs per hour. The film laminating simply goes out of hand and can be done easily by workers of any skill level.

  • Flexible format setting

All Speedstar 1 models can process all packages up to a film width of 215 mm! It takes only 2-3 minutes to take a different role and you can the other format to be processed.

ADR Cellophane Wrapper – Watch the video!

See how easy it is!

CD Jewel Case and DVD Box Cello Wrapper

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